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The Gleniff Horseshoe - What To Expect And What To Do

As a brand that surrounds itself with all things health, fitness and lifestyle. We were super excited to embark on our trip to the North West and to see some of Ireland's most famous landmarks from the WB Yeats county. ( Yes, the poet that most of us unwillingly studied for the leaving cert. ) First stop, The Gleniff Horseshoe.

We had heard how amazing the scenes were at The Gleniff Horseshoe but could not have expected the beauty we experienced until we arrived, they were breathtaking.

The Gleniff Horseshoe is a 10km loop that boasts some incredible views of the Donegal Bay and Dartry Mountains. The waterfalls and unique landscapes are truly remarkable and if you want to see raw Irish beauty without a challenging hike then this is your next adventure.


The Gleniff Horseshoe is approximately 30 minutes to the North from Sligo town and is in the province of Connacht in the West Of Ireland. It is best explored by foot or hike but if the weather isn't what you had planned there is the option of driving the loop. Plan to visit on a clear day because the scenes when on foot are spectacular. 

Driving the Gleniff Horseshoe can be busy during the Summer months so make sure to arrive early in the morning.

The loop starts at the Cliffoney Village. Go for O' Donnells pub and follow the route. We've included the address here to save you the hassle of Googling it yourself. 

Main Street, Cartronkillerdoo, Cliffony, Co. Sligo, F91 H314

The Gleniff Horseshoe is reasonably doable for any fitness level and is well worth the walk if you love the outdoors, it really is beautiful.


If you catch The Gleniff Horseshoe on a clear warm day our Luxe collection is perfect due to the soft but strong material. The shorts have a non slip high waisted band to keep your stomach firm and comfortable. The robust sports bra will give you all the support you need while the extra long under-bust, similar to a crop top, will keep you well covered.

The Gleniff Horseshoe and the body hugging features of the Luxe set also make for a beautiful photograph!

If the weather is a bit cool or you prefer to do these walks in leggings then our Legacy leggings have pockets to keep your valuables safe while you explore the beauty that the Gleniff Horseshoe has to offer.


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