Benbulbin - A Guide

Benbulbin - A Guide

Benbulbin also known as "Table Mountain" in County Sligo has a unique landscape with a fairytale magical vibe.

The mountain was formed during an ice age when large parts of the earth were under glaciers and as a result of erosion of the limestone and shale of which Benbulbin was formed.

This walk is a short 5.5km and will only take 1.5 to 2 hours max. Not bad for a Sunday stroll!

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We've made things super easy for you so once you get to Sligo Town enter 9G8G+M6 Barnaribbon, County Sligo into your GPS and you'll be taken straight there. 


Benbulbin truly is a remarkable mountain with an amazing trail. The hike might be challenging for people's fitness levels because of the ever changing terrain. During bad weather some of the terrain may be muddy or slippery but if you catch it on a good day it is not too bad!

Once you get to the top you'll enjoy the stunning panoramic views of Donegal Bay, Slieve League and The Blue Stack Mountains in Donegal.

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The calm uphill climb starts at St. Lukes Bridge and you will see a beautiful cave on the way up to Benbulbin and shortly after you will arrive at the head where the stunning views can be admired.

As always, make sure to bring lunch and stay well hydrated on your journey!


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